We saw potential within Arma engine that we feel is yet to be explored, so we decided to unveil this potential by creating a 8km2 complex underground environment with strong emphasis on atmosphere and gaming performance.

We have and are still pushing the boundaries and long written rule standards for typical ARMA terrains to develop this immersive experience but we hope the end result will be enjoyed by players in the whole Arma community at least as much as we enjoyed working on it if not more.

  • 6000+ combined work hours 
  • over 10000 Euros spent and counting
  • 1600+ Models Imported Into ArmA III
  • 4000+ Textures and Materials Added Into ARMA III
  • Custom Sounds
  • 100+ Custom Scripts
  • 40+ Custom Animations
  • 1 Integrated Randomisation System For Special Effects Objects
  • 1 Integrated Randomisation System For Light Special Effects
  • 1 Rewrite of ArmA III Door System For Randomisation Integration
  • a plethora of other custom tools to help develop this
  • almost 70000 hand placed objects baked in the alpha version of the underground terrain

Milestones 2022

Project status

Underground terrain
Configs and optimization
Core Asstes
VSFX and Sounds
MP Gamemode
Previous WIP
Not Currently in Production
Previous WIP
Not Currently in Production
Previous WIP
Not Currently in Production
Previous WIP
Not Currently in Production
Previous slide
Next slide

PLANNED and/or partially worked on

Aboveground terrain
CYTECH Vehicles
CYTECH SP Campaign
Aboveground Assets
CYTECH Factions
CYTECH Weapons

Ways through which you can support the project

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